Every single one of our websites are optimized with SEO friendly website infrastructure. You will not be billed extra for this service, as it applies to all web design projects, including e-commerce shopping cart websites.


How Website Design Affects Conversions

When visitors arrive at your website, you have only a few seconds to convince them to stay and check out the services your business is offering. If they don’t find what they’re looking for quickly, or they don’t see value in your website and think that it can’t help them, they’ll be gone in a heartbeat and you’ll never get a conversion.

To make things fast and easy for your visitors, we design websites with usability in mind. Everything is neat and organized, with minimum clutter and no distractions. Navigation is simple, with the most important content featured prominently. Our website infrastructures are optimized for all brain types. We build websites based on positive results of the analysis of human visitor psychology on websites.

Just as important, we avoid things that tend to annoy people like unwanted pop-up windows, blinking text, or splash pages that take forever to load and don’t provide useful information. Our websites are not only aesthetically pleasing to users, but are created using scientific studies of user browsing behaviors.


How Copywriting Affects Conversions

Eye-catching layouts and graphics can grab attention. But if your goal is conversions, you must have persuasive, relevant copy.

We write copy that quickly explains the benefits of your products and services in a compelling way. “Fluff” doesn’t cut it. You must provide solid reasons why people should do business with you.

When the benefits of using your services or products are presented clearly, and your message is relevant to your target audience’s needs, you’re sure to get more conversions.


SEO Web Design - Increase Conversions


Why Have Us Design Your Website

Most web designers don’t understand how raw HTML code affects search engine optimization and organic SEO rankings. Your website’s code can easily sabotage your SEO efforts, without you even realizing it.

Likewise, many writers don’t know how a few subtle changes to the text can have a significant impact on search engine rankings.

When we develop your website, we use effective SEO strategies right from the start. This eliminates the expense of having to go through a site and rebuild content that isn’t search engine friendly. The best news is that we offer these premium SEO web design services at the most affordable rate in Orange County. Purchase an SEO Web Design package and put your small business above your competitors online today.


Free Copywriting and SEO Web Design Evaluation

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